The Beauty Of High Speed

The Marmalade - the magnificence of high speed described and exposed by a crew of high velocity shoot experts (company directors, DoPs, model-makers, physical technicians, nutrition stylists, pyrotechnicians, matte artists, liquids prossionals, 3D-animators and compositing pros). View and notice exactly how this particular group of professionals has pushed the methods of capturing in high speed, they even created their unique customized high-speed-motion-control-rig. If “high speed is the art of coincidence” - the staff at the Marmalade states they handle that coincidence and that is “how they roll.”

This really is one of the most brain-opening video clips that you will view in a while, basically mainly because you can see exactly how far the engineering of filming has already been improved in the earlier 4 years. Possibly for the first few seconds you are going to believe that the video clip was made on the pc together with the assist of Cinema 4D and 3D Studio Max. However no, this is genuine and it’s taking effect.

THE MARMALADE Identity from schoenheitsfarm production on Vimeo.

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